Southwest Mississippi Reliability Improvement Project

Project included demolition & rebuild of existing 65 miles of 115kV and an additional 65 miles of 230kV. The total 170 miles included the following activities: Installation of drilled pier foundations, pole setting, pole framing, pole grounding, and wire stringing using helicopter. UCS successfully completed all activities on schedule and under budget.

to Stowell Substation Expansion Transmission Line Project Project No.

This project included a new 25 mile 230kV transmission line in Jefferson, Chambers and Liberty Counties in Texas. The new transmission line will extend from the existing 230kV China Substation to the 230/138kV expansion at Stowell Substation. UCS was requested for wire stringing services and pulled 24 of 25 miles of conductor to accelerate the schedule and complete the project on time.

WETT 345kV Transmission Line Helicopter Inspection

Helicopter Inspections on all 375 miles of Transmission circuits. Scope includes project management, pole-pole inspections, reports, QC. Additionally, repair work was added and these services performed after the inspection included but not limited to: DE adjustments, re-sagging, marker ball installations, tower modifications, etc. 2016.

MA Mortenson / OGE –Wire Stringing / Helicopter Work

10 mile 345kV 1590 ACSR Lapwing and OPGW 42 pairwire installation-Woodward, OK. 2014 Helicopter work

MA Mortenson / Shannon Wind

Pole Setting / Wire Stringing -345kV bundle project 795 ACSR wire installation & OPGW 2015

Sharyland Utilities –Performed “138kV Hot Sticking”

"Hot Sticking" services from 2013 –2014 on various sub cut-ins, jumpers removals, shoe-fly tie-ins,

Sharyland Utilities –South Loop 60 mile 138kV “Hot” Fiber Installation.

De-clipping, clipping, dolly installations, re-configuring DE pole for pulling, EPZ pulls sites –completed 2014.